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We want to help inspire males, both young and old, to touch the world in a positive way.

Tools For Success

The 101 Principles located within our book are designed to give males the tools for successful manhood.

Quality Men Show Love

It takes strength to display love; our goal is to help males become strong enough to display love.

We believe that every male can be great if he understands the standards and principles that create greatness. The 101 principles included in the book “Manhood 101: 101 Principles for Becoming a Better Man” can easily be applied in a male’s life with a simple mindset shift. The book is broken up into simple 1-page principles that males can quickly read and apply to further assist them in becoming a better man.
Our women, children and world desperately need every male to live and think as a quality man, the principles located in this book will help and assist males in their process of becoming a living example of quality manhood.This book will help!

What Our Readers Are Saying
Don’t just take our word for it, let our readers do the talking!

“Manhood 101 is such a remarkable book, with an simplistic approach that is definitely challenging me to become a better man. I truly fell that every man and every male should read this book of principles and truly make the decision to apply them to their life.”
~ R. Marshall

“An awesome book, strong blunt direct, a must read for all men of all generations. Thank you.”
~ R. Kerns

“With so many single family households and moms trying to do and be it all, with no role model to follow other than rappers, athletes and the local drug dealer, our young males have a very distorted picture of what a “real man” looks like. Eric Watterson in his book, “Manhood 101” provides much needed insight in a masterful way. Each manhood concept is presented on one page because the intention is to provide a glimpse into another viewpoint, not be the “end-all, be-all treatise. The concept is given support and balance with the spiritual and conventional nuggets of wisdom found in the quotes that preface each concept. Mr. Watterson realizes that you can’t change cultural indoctrination in one sitting so is taking a layered approach. “Manhood 101″ is the foundation to a movement designed to change our males into men so they can take their rightful place in our families, government, business, and all the pillars of our society. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”
~ K. Hosey

“Well written, easy to apply to men of any ages and from every walk of life”
~ T. Harris

“I found this book very refreshing and needed today as some men are not clear on their roles in the family and within our society.  This work clearly lays a foundation of who what, when, why and how we are supposed to be behaving as men. Eric then builds layers of knowledge of insight on that foundation through research, scripture and powerful quotes.  As a man of God and a man leading my family, I found there was a lot information provided in this book that I forgot and it gave me a great helping hand and a frame of reference to reach for when I needed it. I would recommend this book for all men as we don’t know it all and information is King!”
~ A. Cox

“This is a simple book but it’s actually so much food in it. I love how he teaches us men, how we should act and think. That’s whats amazing to me.”
~ K. Drakeford

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