The Manhood 101 book contains one hundred and one principles that are intended to help males become better men in every area of life.


Touch The World

We want to help inspire males, both young and old, to touch the world in a positive way.

Tools For Success

The 101 Principles located within our book are designed to give males the tools for successful manhood.

Quality Men Show Love

It takes strength to display love; our goal is to help males become strong enough to display love.

Our goal is to assist males with the process of becoming a living example of quality manhood.

The one hundred and one foundational principles included in this book can easily be applied in a male’s life with a simple mindset shift. Also included are one hundred and one positive quotes, scriptures and declarations that support each principle to further assist each male in becoming a better man. Our women, children and world desperately need every male to live and think as a quality man, the principles located in this book will help that process become a reality in a male’s life.

What Our Readers Are Saying
Don’t just take our word for it, let our readers do the talking!

“Manhood 101 is such a remarkable book, with an simplistic approach that is definitely challenging me to become a better man. I truly fell that every man and every male should read this book of principles and truly make the decision to apply them to their life.”

Ronnie M.

“An awesome book, strong blunt direct, a must read for all men of all generations. Thank you.”
Robert K.

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